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  • What is a Bridal Show?
    Shared wisdom from The budget savvy on why you should attend: Thanks to the advent of bridal blogs and sites like The Knot its easier and more accessible than ever to do lots of research for your big day decisions online. But the power of face to face interaction with potential vendors can not be denied! If you're hoping to make a more personal connection and be efficient with your planning efforts, you should definitely try to attend a bridal show! Plus, Bouche shows are FUN!
  • Are Bridal Shows and Expos all the same?
    The most important thing is to be sure you are attending THE RIGHT EVENT for you! Bridal shows vary tremendously especially in the Philadelphia, South Jersey and Delaware Market, so brides and vendors are encouraged to choose wisely to avoid disappointment! What kind of experience you are looking for dictates which show a bride should attend. There are LOTS of different show sizes. An Expo includes so lots of vendors, crowds, usually no food fashion show and they are high energy generally higher volume and usually have 50-100 vendors. They usually bring in thousand of people and tend to be less structured and have a more crowded type feel.
  • Free vs. Ticketed Events. Which is better?
    It all depends on your style. Free shows will generally be more crowded, and may have attendees who are not actually brides (since its free). You will not get personal attention at a larger expo and there is usally no organized stage show. However you will get lots of booths/vendors. They also offer lower booth price options so the vendor selection may reflect this. Average ticket prices for the more reputable shows in the Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware markets are $5 to $15. This prices usually includes a lot of free magazines, sometimes food, and a chance to win prizes. Paying for a ticketed event can make all the difference in what you get with a show.
  • Who are the Organizers?
    There are many types of "show producers" in the Philly Market (as opposed to the West Coast Bridal Shows). A partial list of organizers include DJs, Photographers, Radio Stations, Newspapers, the Venues themselves, Officiants, and finally full time Bridal Show Producers (National and Local) all produce shows in the Philly area. It's good to be aware who is producing your show!!

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